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Emily Swenson

Fall has.. fallen. It is windy, cold, and rainy-ish here in Central New York, and it really puts me in the mood to knit and spin. Lately, I’ve been doing more of the former, but I will save my project roundup for another post.

If you’ve been lurking on my Instagram, you’ll know that I vended at my first fiber festival! This is all kinds of exciting for me, for about a thousand different reasons. I have only ever sold my fiber products online, and I’ve actually NEVER seen someone receive my yarn or fiber (except one person). I’ve never seen anyone get excited about my products - I’ve only seen a few exclamatory words on a screen.

The response was completely positive, and I was overwhelmed by how many people actually wanted my yarn! With the three kids and my husband’s crazy work schedule, this was a large risk for the family, in terms of time spent traveling and not sleeping. The fact that there were so many buyers and people who complimented my booth and yarn/fiber made me feel like it was worth the trip!

Here are a few photos of my booth. I was in a fortunate location, and my neighbors were all so kind. I wish I had had the chance to get out of the booth more.

I also have to give a shout out to my buddy-friend-pal Melissa. She’s a lot more outgoing than I am, and I’m (at times) an extreme introvert. Especially when my confidence is low, I’m very defensive, and I’m scared to meet new people. I brought her along to help me - mentally and physically, and I would not have done as well without her! She just did things without me having to ask (I find this to be rare), and was just a joy to have in the booth. PLUS, she dealt with my girls for about 2 days straight. Holy moly! Thanks so much, Melissa.

Thank you, Lehigh Valley Fiber Festival, for making me feel welcome even though I am from “far away”. I hope to continue to vend here year after year, since the festival itself is so new and well-run. Hope to see you all next year!

Thanks for bearing with me, readers, while I was preparing for the festival. What are your favorite festivals to attend (fiber or otherwise)? Let me know in the comments.