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On Whether to Switch from Etsy

Emily Swenson

This isn't a piece detailing why you should switch from Etsy, but rather one that explains my intended departure from the platform (to my customers/readers).  Etsy is a platform I'm mostly loyal to, but lately they have made some decisions that make me think that they're not loyal to the maker community.  These decisions, namely to increase their seller fees from 3.5% to 5%, have caused me to consider leaving and taking my business to Shopify.  


I feel like Etsy offers a lot of necessary features, but now they come with an attached cost.  I'm frankly pissed that Etsy decides to increase fees without making these amenities available to the most basic of account levels.  

As a maker, and one that is so small, my costs are already high.  Especially in terms of my time spent making, marketing, labeling, packaging, and adding my special personal touches when possible.  Etsy is making money from the non-makers at this point - people who sell T-shirts that they "make," and different promotional type products that they shouldn't legally be selling.  The shops that were once small at Etsy's inception have (possibly) grown into larger shops, and either moved off of Etsy or have manufacturing deals.  They are "makers" in name only, and far from independent.  They could possibly afford to eat the cost, or raise their prices, as they now have employees and are full-fledged businesses that have enough sway to influence their market.  

Who these changes hurt are the people who are in between - who like having a small income, but can't afford to grow by hiring employees.  Who can't make the jump to wholesale because their time is too valuable. Basically people like me!  So, in the coming months (probably around autumn) I'll be making moves to leave Etsy.  I'll move to Shopify, and this domain will remain at Squarespace.  I want to make sure I have the best features to offer my customers, and I think this is the right decision.