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Hand-Dyed Yarns

Woolfiend Hand-Dyed Yarns


Tour de Fleece 2018 Week 1

Emily Swenson

7/7/18 to 7/14/18

I honestly did not get to spin as much as I'd like this week.  My son was sick, and my daughters had summer camp at their local YMCA.  My oldest daughter had cheer camp - and there was just enough time between activities to make me have to sit in my car for an hour or two everywhere we went.  I was also preparing for our upcoming vacation.  

What I did get done was really fun.  I finished the first braid in my Finn from Three Waters Farm.  I almost finished the second braid, but I can't take my wheel with me, so I also started a spin (BFL/Nylon from Three Waters Farm) on my Snyder Turkish spindle.  I am also spinning on my e-spinner - some Corriedale from Three Waters Farm as well.  

I am particularly enjoying spinning on this spindle, which I bought specifically for the Tour.  I wanted something new and lighter than my other Snyder.  I have a thing for Turkish spindles at the moment because of the beautiful way I get to wind the yarn onto the cop.

I just love the way the color changes are displayed on the cop.

I just love the way the color changes are displayed on the cop.

Below are some pictures of my progress.  The two shots of wool are my current spins, although I didn't get any pictures of the Corriedale.

What are you guys all spinning on for Tour de Fleece?  I am not taking rest days, but since I haven't gotten to spin all that much I figure it's probably not necessary.  I still hope I can achieve my goals for the Tour, although it's a long shot with our vacation coming up.

Happy spinning everyone!