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Hand-Dyed Yarns

Woolfiend Hand-Dyed Yarns


Finished Object Spotlight - Honey Cowl

Emily Swenson

I've knit a Honey Cowl before, about two years ago.  I'm in a constant need for cowls because they don't fall off my neck, no matter how hard they get tugged at by little hands, and I'm always "losing" my hand knits.  And by losing, I mean misplacing, or placing them in an inconvenient spot.

This skein of handspun was divine to work with.  It was think and thin, ranging from worsted to fingering weight, but mostly stayed a DK weight.  I measured it at 225 yards, which was more than suitable for this pattern.  I have a little ball of the leftovers to remember it by.  


I find that I am so much more attached to my handspun than I am even to the favorite-est of hand dyed skeins in my stash.  Also, I find that the projects made from my handspun make me more proud, even with a project so small as this cowl.  I feel like, from fiber to finished object, the journey is more memorable and enjoyable - savory would be a more complete term - than it is just knitting with millspun yarn.  I may be in the minority there, but I do believe that there is something soul-lifting about handspun and knitting with it.  It doesn't even matter if it's ugly.  Can it be ugly?  I've yet to see a truly ugly skein of handspun yarn, even from the greenest of spinners.

How do you feel about knitting with your handspun?  What are some of your favorite handspun projects?  If you have pictures, leave them in the comments below!