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Hand-Dyed Yarns

Woolfiend Hand-Dyed Yarns


Tour de Fleece Finale

Emily Swenson

Tour de Fleece! I spun yarn! I did one of my largest spins to date, and I completed a Navajo-plied yarn as well, to total 1560 yards.  Not bad, especially since I went on vacation in the middle of the tour.  This tour, to me, was not to learn new techniques, but was mainly to make a larger amount of yarn than what I typically make.  Similar to my issue with single skeins of sock yarn, I have an issue with single 4 ounce braids of fiber.  I know I have this issue, and I continue to buy single braids, thinking "they'll make great socks."  This is the equivalent to buying a single skein of sock yarn, except now I have to spin it first.  Logic.

So, I achieved approximately 1200 yards of a 2-ply yarn from Finn hand-painted top from Three Waters Farm.  This will probably become a sweater of some sort, maybe a Wispy Cardi or a Beckett.  This all depends on the swatch gauge and how the colors play.  I know there's a huge stripe of blue that I may have to work around, or place on a border to make it look "right."

I'd honestly like to spin a similar amount of yarn again relatively soon.  I'm starting to spin a lot more with projects in mind, and this amount (8 ounces) seems achievable without being a sweater's quantity (necessarily).


In addition to that huge hank of yarn, I also spun about 360 yards of a chain-plied Corriedale.  I liked this spin, but I think I'll like knitting with it better.  I actually made a huge boo-boo on this spin - I underspun the singles.  I was spinning on my e-spinner, and it's just tough for me to tell if there's enough twist in there for some reason.  I will get better with practice.  I broke the singles a few times while plying, and I know to put a lot of twist in if you plan on a chain ply - but, it's yarn now, and it's actually not falling apart while I'm knitting with it.  The skein is in the process of becoming a shawl, and I couldn't be happier with it.

Overall, this Tour de Fleece was a success.  I have another finished yarn that I spun some singles for during TdF, but I did not get anywhere close to finishing.  What did you get done during Tour de Fleece? Let me know in the comments!