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Knitting Lately

Emily Swenson

I feel like my desire to knit is tied to the types of projects I feel like knitting.  Unfortunately, the types of projects I want to knit change all the time!  I think it's like that for everyone.  Before I had my son in November, I wanted to knit vanilla socks.  I wanted to let the yarn sing, and decided to just knit vanilla socks for a while - until I got really, really sick of vanilla socks.  So, then I wanted to knit heavily patterned socks, with cables and lace.  I couldn't even make it through one sock before I decided that it simply was not practical. 


At the moment, I feel like knitting a few different things, and I'm going to indulge myself after a bit of planning.  For starters, I feel like knitting shawls!  This is great, because they're the most fun for me to knit, and require learning of new skills and some concentration - which I love.  These are easily the most engaging patterns for me.  I have two on the needles, which I think I'll finish before casting on a Stephen West pattern (Exploration Station or a Doodler).  The one I think I will finish first is The Great Game.

The next thing I'm planning on knitting soon is a handspun cowl.  I have not cast on a cowl in a while - the last one I knit was this brioche cowl (pictured on the right) in February, but it was actually cast on in 2015 or 2016! So I need to knit a good cowl, and I have a squishy merino/silk blend handspun yarn that will do nicely for either an Oats or a Honey Cowl.  

The next thing on my to-knit list is a sweater.  I like having two sweaters for Rhinebeck, but it seems like I may only be there for one day this year, so it's not necessary to have two.  I am still thinking about which sweater I would like to knit, but I will probably go with a few Brooklyn Tweed patterns - Alvy and Bedford.  Something that's really nice is that these will be the first sweaters I have knit since losing weight, which is a huge deal.  This means less yarn, less knitting, and I can finally knit pullovers!  When I was pregnant and directly afterward I thought I could only knit cardigans to account for the belly, but it's exciting to have a whole new category of patterns open up to me for the first time in just over a year!

I'm still in love with socks, and I will likely knit them more when the school year starts.  I'll be busier then, and I always love a good portable sock project.  I am, however, going to take this summer to knit some more interesting projects and learn a few new skills.  

What are your knitting plans for this summer?  What have you felt like knitting lately?  Do the projects you typically knit change on a monthly or quarterly basis like mine seem to?

Happy knitting, friends!