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Woolfiend Hand-Dyed Yarns


Spin the Bin Intro

Emily Swenson

I thought I would record my progress on Spin the Bin on my blog as well as on my YouTube channel.  I really love to see the stash melt off other people, so I figured, why not make a video showing how I use my stash?  Sometimes making yourself use a braid/skein is a wonderful way to try things you otherwise would not have tried.  I have already tried some new things with my Spin the Bin braids, and am going to try to do something new with each braid that follows.  

I'll list the braids here, and so as not to bore you, I will dictate my really cool (in my mind) plans for each of them.  Some of these plans have already been executed, and some may change.  Such is me!  All of these braids are shown in the video embedded above, so you can follow along if you like.

  1. Allons-y! Fiber Arts Organic Polwarth “A Galaxy Far, Far Away” - 4.42 oz - I plan on maki
  2. Hipstrings Merino/Yak - 4 oz - Woolen spun 2-ply, attempting to spin fine
  3. Hobbledehoy Lightsaber Batts - 5 oz - Traditional worsted 3-ply
  4. Elemental Fiberworks Rambouillet “Prism” - 4 oz - I'm going to spin this in a 2-ply, one ply will be the rainbow and one will be the white.  I may change this, I was thinking of doing a fractal spin as well, but I'm not sure how well it will look knitted.
  5. Fluffy Owl Fiber Arts Falkland/Rose - 4 oz - I'm probably going to do a fingering weight worsted 2-ply
  6. Greenwood Fiberworks BFL “Emily” - 4 oz - Completed! Aran weight worsted spun 2-ply
  7. Heavenly Wools Haunui Handcraft Wool 24.5 micron “Carousel LR” - 4 oz Completed! Thick and thin woolen spun 2-ply
  8. Wintry Flower by Design Cheviot - 4 oz - Completed!  345 yards, traditional worsted spun 3-ply
  9. YARNSHINE Icicle Rolags - 3 oz - Combo spin with Blue Barn Fiber rolags - woolen spun 2 or 3-ply
  10. Blue Barn Fiber Rolags - 2 oz - Combo spin with YARNSHINE rolags - woolen spun 2 or 3-ply
  11. LYDIA Superwash BFL “Ugly Duckling” - 4 oz - Ply on the fly on my Snyder cherry glider spindle
  12. Greenwood Fiberworks BFL/Nylon “Rivendell” - 4 oz - traditional worsted spun 3-ply, aiming for fingering
  13. Greenwood Fiberworks Merino Silk “Rosewood” - 4 oz - I might slap this on a spindle soon.  I'm not sure, but I'll probably try for a fingering weight 2-ply.  This is contradictory to what I said in my video.  I don't know why I said I wanted a DK weight out of this, it wants to be a shawl.

As I post videos, I will update my progress on the blog as well.  I am aiming to get 2 braids done per month, but I've already done that this month and I'm feeling the itch to put another (probably the merino/yak from Hipstrings) on my wheel/spindle.  I've been spindling quite a bit lately, as I'm sure you'll see before I have the chance to tell you about it!  

Are any of you guys doing Spin the Bin?  Let me know in the comments below.

Happy spinning/knitting!