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Hand-Dyed Yarns

Woolfiend Hand-Dyed Yarns



When will my order be shipped?

I attempt to ship order within 3-5 business days.  I only go to the Post Office twice per week, and sometimes if there are a lot of orders I have USPS pick up the mail at my home.

Do you take custom orders?

At the moment, I don't do custom dye jobs, but I will take custom orders/quantities dyed-to-order of colorways listed on the Colorways page.

Can you combine shipping/refund shipping overages?

Yes I can!  I try to do this whenever possible or necessary.  If you see something you want, grab it and shop around if you'd like.

Are you accepting applications for wholesale?

I am accepting applications for wholesale opportunities in select areas only. Please contact me via email or the contact form if you wish to carry any of my products. I am also available for trunk shows, although my dates are limited by my husband’s work schedule.

Why is the yarn I received not the same as the photo?

I use stock photos, and attempt to make sure the images are true to color. However, settings on monitors vary. In addition to this, different skeins within dye batches and colorways vary in color. Colorways also vary between bases as some bases take color better than others.

Can I use your images?

No, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for permission.